The 20 Hanger Wardrobe

25 October 2018

Have you ever counted the number of hangers in your wardrobe? I never had until a couple of years ago. Before that, I stored as many hangers as I could in the space I had. I remember those days of going shopping and accepting the cashier’s offer to take the hanger home with me in case there wasn’t a spare one at home. I remember those days of wrestling with garments to put my clothes away.

A second problem was I had a wardrobe with a door on it and a chest of drawers which made it harder to see at a glance what clothes I had. My wardrobe became overflowing with clothes that didn’t all get worn or go well together. I regularly decluttered, but would accumulate new clothes and be back to square one. But not anymore!

Since becoming a minimalist, I decluttered my wardrobe so I only own clothes I need and love. I created a capsule wardrobe to help me define my personal style and easily mix and match items. I use a clothing rail and shelves for open storage to keep myself accountable for the amount of clothes I have and to stay organised.

I bought forty matching hangers to make my wardrobe look neater and save space. Over time, I halved the number of hangers because I found my clothing rail still looked overcrowded. I like to leave space between the hangers to take better care of each garment and so it’s effortless to put them away.


Having a capsule wardrobe is encouraging me to shop more sustainably by putting more thought into each item and the company I buy it from. As the saying goes: “Quality over quantity”. I love buying clothes second-hand to raise money for a good cause, save money and be sustainable all at the same time. I’m also starting to buy clothes from ethical clothing companies that care about paying their workers a fair wage and take time to source the fabrics they make their clothes from. I want to embrace slow fashion over fast fashion!

How many hangers is your ideal number based on your needs?