Our Vegan Wedding

20 November 2018

Could you imagine having a vegan wedding? I was lucky enough to be invited to one a couple of years ago. Although I wasn’t vegan at the time, I was interested in the lifestyle.

After learning about the benefits of veganism, I decided to cut out animal products before my own wedding. One question kept popping up during our wedding prep: should we keep the wedding mostly or fully vegan? Most of our guests weren’t vegan, but it didn’t feel right to contribute to the meat, dairy and egg industries. In the end, we decided the menu would be fully vegan.

Having a small wedding of thirty people meant we could split the catering with willing family and friends. We asked them to bring the food along on the day to help us showcase vegan food at its best!

Our buffet was filled with fresh fruit, savoury bites and sweet treats. We wanted to prove vegan baking is possible and delicious. My aunt made pissaladière (a French dish similar to pizza with carmelised onions) and focaccia. We also had cherry scones and tiffin my mum made.

And the choices didn’t end there! A neighbour kindly heated baked potatoes for our evening meal. We served them with a choice of hot and cold fillings. One friend made amazing chickpea mint daal and tomato aubergine stew. My husband made smoked houmous, guacamole and two salads - one with baby corn, sugar snap peas and cashews, and the other with cucumber, tomatoes and olives.

I knew I wanted to make my own wedding cake if I ever got married. And that’s exactly what I did! Instead of having a tiered wedding cake, I veganised a bunny cake my mum used to make. Meet my ‘his and hers’ carrot cake with dairy free chocolate buttons and fruit laces free from beeswax. Food colouring isn’t always vegan, so I had fun making my own using turmeric powder and beetroot juice!


Did everyone enjoy the food?

They loved it! Most people went back for seconds (including myself!). The ultimate test was asking one of our friends who loves eating meat what he thought of the food. He enjoyed the daal in particular and took extra baking home for his kids. After the wedding, a few people asked for some recipes too. Success!