My First Zero Waste Stall

14 May 2019

Sometimes opportunities come up when you least expect them. I was asked if I’d like to run a sustainability stall at a farmers’ market. Did I do it? Hell yeah! I knew it would be lots of work, but had to give it a go! I sold plastic free household and toiletry items to raise awareness of how to live a life with less plastic waste. As well as being plastic free, all the items were zero waste, vegan friendly and supporting ethical brands. All the good stuff!

It was so exciting choosing the stock I would sell and dreaming up the best ways to present it! I offered people an equal range of household and toiletry items and displayed them as naturally as I could in empty glass jars, wicker baskets and wooden crates. Even my branding was plastic free!


So what did I sell? I had everything from products made from bamboo, to items made from recycled materials. Have you ever tried plastic free dish washing with a wooden dish brush or a scourer made from coconut fibre? And think about how much plastic you could save on-the-go by using a stainless steel straw, bamboo spork or cotton produce bag.

My biggest seller on the day was bamboo toothbrushes, which sold out! I felt so nice being able to introduce a sustainable alternative to plastic toothbrushes that many people had never heard of before. The shampoo bar also sparked a lot of interest. It really made my day when a lady bought one as a gift for a friend who needed cheering up. And there was a lot of laughter from people passing by when they saw the stack of ‘Who Gives A Crap’ toilet paper :D!

For those who don’t know where to start with zero waste living, I took along my starter kit focusing on 5 easy swaps that anyone can make. The kit contained a bamboo toothbrush, shampoo bar, coconut scourer, soapnuts (laundry detergent) and produce bag.

What I learned from running the stall was that I want to share my passion for zero waste with others and make this lifestyle more accessible. Most importantly, I realised it didn’t matter if people didn’t buy anything because if people left that day knowing there is such a thing as a bamboo toothbrush, that’s good enough for me.