Cut up your Loyalty Cards!

31 January 2019

How many loyalty cards do you have? Imagine how many you'd have if you had one for every shop you'd bought something from. You'd need a card wallet that reaches the floor! 

We've all been there. You buy something in a shop and the cashier offers you a loyalty card and you accept it because it sounds like it'll be worth having. But once you sign up, you'll receive unwanted emails, you'll have to carry it around everywhere and it takes up extra space in your purse/wallet. If you forget it, you feel like you've missed out. If you lose it, you have to replace it. Who needs this extra hassle?

Loyalty cards are marketing tools to make you spend more money, not less. Companies have become stalkers who know everything about you: the products you like to buy, your buying patterns and where you shop. They offer you a 'reward' in the form of points or discounts to suck you in. And once you're brand loyal, it won't cross your mind that you'd ever part with your loyalty cards.

I didn't cut up my loyalty cards until I was well into my minimalism journey. When I did, it felt so liberating!


It feels like you can't go into a store without them badgering you about their loyalty card. It's a lot of fuss over a piece of plastic!

Once I was in Boots and the cashier asked me what had happened to my loyalty card. So I grinned and told him I'd got rid of all my loyalty cards. He thought I was crazy! But I didn't care because I enjoyed challenging the expectation that I should have one or replace it.

A cashier at Holland and Barrett once offered to re-sign me up for their loyalty card and I politely refused and told her they had bombarded me with emails. That was enough to stop her in her tracks. It was fun being honest instead of giving in to persuasion.

Another benefit of not collecting loyalty cards is to reduce our plastic consumption. It might seem wasteful cutting up the ones you already have, but the minimalist in me thinks the net gain is worth it.

Are you feeling brave enough to cut up your loyalty cards and embrace the freedom?