About Me

I graduated from uni in 2015 after studying the social sciences. Instead of finding a graduate job, I felt uncertain about my career path. I moved back in with my parents and had a retail job I wasn’t passionate about. The following January, I discovered minimalism on YouTube which was exactly the kind of inspiration I needed to make positive changes in my life!

Where did I start?

I decluttered most of my possessions by donating them to charity. This was an exciting process because I realised those items didn’t bring me true happiness or security. Since minimalism is about making room for the things that are important in life, I decided to put myself out there and join a dating website. This was a very wise move because I met the love of my life in 2016! I quit my retail job that December and moved in with my boyfriend. Life seemed to be working in a way it hadn’t before and was taking me to some interesting places...


So what next?

I had a vision of working in the charity sector to make a difference to people’s lives. Within eight weeks of quitting my retail job, I was offered a full-time fundraising role at a Scottish charity! For the first time, my job aligned with my values. I was able to leave work each day knowing I had helped raise money for a good cause.

After being inspired by my sister who had recently cut out animal products from her diet, I decided to become vegan in 2017. It was an area of minimalism I had been interested in discovering more about because it involved simplifying my diet. I knew if my sister could do it, I could too! 

Where has this path led me?

I'm pleased to say I'm now married to the most awesome person I know who I want to share life with! Veganism holds a special place in my heart and has shown me how to be a more compassionate person. I've started to become interested in zero waste living by reducing my plastic consumption and slow fashion by building a sustainable wardrobe. The most recent change I've made is finding a better work-life balance that gives me more time, energy and freedom doing the things I love.