Zero Waste

My First Zero Waste Stall

14 May 2019

Sometimes opportunities come up when you least expect them. I was asked if I’d like to run a sustainability stall at a farmers’ market. Did I do it? Hell yeah! I knew it would be lots of work, but had to give it a go! I sold plastic free household and toiletry items to raise awareness of how to live a life with less plastic waste. As well as being plastic free, all the items were zero waste, vegan friendly and supporting ethical brands...

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Fruit and Veg on the Loose

25 October 2018

Does it annoy you how much unnecessary plastic packaging supermarkets are using for fruit and veg? Almost every item is covered in plastic. The worst cases are loose items that are individually wrapped. Why does one broccoli need to be shrink wrapped in plastic? Or a single aubergine wrapped in a plastic film?

I feel like supermarkets have forgotten fruit and veg comes in its own natural, protective skin...

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