Our Vegan Wedding

20 November 2018

Could you imagine having a vegan wedding? I was lucky enough to be invited to one a couple of years ago. Although I wasn’t vegan at the time, I was interested in the lifestyle.

After learning about the benefits of veganism, I decided to cut out animal products before my own wedding. One question kept popping up during our wedding prep: should we keep the wedding mostly or fully vegan? Most of our guests weren’t vegan, but it didn’t feel right to contribute to the meat, dairy and egg industries...

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Meat your Conscience

25 October 2018

Shortly before I became vegan, I made the connection between farm animals and the meat I consumed. There is a woodland walk my family and I often go on that passes pig pens and people like to feed the pigs. Before we leave the house, we gather food scraps, including banana skins, apple cores and carrot peelings. Feeding the pigs is one of the highlights of our walk!

The first time we went on this walk, I was alarmed at how noisy and large the pig was in the first pen and thought he was going to charge through the electric fence! We passed another pen with two pigs and I enjoyed watching how excited they were when they heard us coming...

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