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Debt Free by 23

16 March 2019

Does it sound too good to be true? What about the cost of living, holidays, student loans and buying a car? We live in a world where it has never been easier to spend money (contactless still amazes me)!

The thought of going into debt scares me and I like to know everything I buy is being paid for with money that is actually mine. I just don’t like owing people money. That’s why I’ve never had or wanted a credit card...

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Cut up your Loyalty Cards!

31 January 2019

How many loyalty cards do you have? Imagine how many you'd have if you had one for every shop you'd bought something from. You'd need a card wallet that reaches the floor! 

We've all been there. You buy something in a shop and the cashier offers you a loyalty card and you accept it because it sounds like it'll be worth having. But once you sign up, you'll receive unwanted emails, you'll have to carry it around everywhere and it takes up extra space in your purse/wallet...

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It's Time to Quit Fast Fashion

28 December 2018

Have you noticed there’s a new trend or season every time you go into a fast fashion store? We ‘need' to have the latest item to be happy or a new item for the next season. New stock appears at an alarming rate.

And then what happens? When the trend or season is over, we decide we don’t want the item any more and ‘get rid of it’. Charity shops are drowning in unwanted clothing...

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Can Minimalists Enjoy Christmas?

15 November 2018

Are presents the best part of Christmas? When I was little, I remember waking up on Christmas Day and being excited to open my stocking and pile of presents. It was a magical time of year!

But surely there are other ways of showing you care about family and friends than through buying things? Minimalism has opened up my eyes to the unnecessary consumption at Christmas and a society that keeps wanting more...

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Fruit and Veg on the Loose

25 October 2018

Does it annoy you how much unnecessary plastic packaging supermarkets are using for fruit and veg? Almost every item is covered in plastic. The worst cases are loose items that are individually wrapped. Why does one broccoli need to be shrink wrapped in plastic? Or a single aubergine wrapped in a plastic film?

I feel like supermarkets have forgotten fruit and veg comes in its own natural, protective skin...

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Meat your Conscience

25 October 2018

Shortly before I became vegan, I made the connection between farm animals and the meat I consumed. There is a woodland walk my family and I often go on that passes pig pens and people like to feed the pigs. Before we leave the house, we gather food scraps, including banana skins, apple cores and carrot peelings. Feeding the pigs is one of the highlights of our walk!

The first time we went on this walk, I was alarmed at how noisy and large the pig was in the first pen and thought he was going to charge through the electric fence! We passed another pen with two pigs and I enjoyed watching how excited they were when they heard us coming...

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