Welcome to Foxes and Lanterns!

I’m Ali from Edinburgh, Scotland. My inner rebel wants to live differently from the mainstream by living a simple life that reduces the impact I have on the environment. I’m a plant based foodie and spend my time cooking and baking tasty food that makes me feel good. You’ll also find me doing yoga in my studio or skateboarding on my Pennyboard.

Here you’ll find inspiration on minimalism, veganism, zero waste and sustainable fashion. Let’s ask ourselves:

  • How many possessions do we need?
  • Where does our food come from?
  • What’s the problem with single-use plastic?
  • How are our clothes made?

Let’s create a better world together :)

Featured Blog Post

It's Time to Quit Fast Fashion

28 December 2018

Have you noticed there’s a new trend or season every time you go into a fast fashion store? We ‘need' to have the latest item to be happy or a new item for the next season. New stock appears at an alarming rate.

And then what happens? When the trend or season is over, we decide we don’t want the item any more and ‘get rid of it’. Charity shops are drowning in unwanted clothing...

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5 Easy Zero Waste Swaps Starter Kit Gift Box

Are you interested in becoming zero waste? Or maybe you know someone who is?

This starter kit contains five easy zero waste swaps that anyone can make! It offers inspiration to swap everyday items with plastic free alternatives. Even one swap will make a big difference to reducing the plastic pollution crisis. All the items are plastic free, ethically sourced, vegan and eco-friendly. The postage and packaging materials I use are also plastic free, so no need to worry about receiving any unnecessary plastic.


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